All 8 On the Floor - 2015 - DarkImagesPhoto

Welcome to my photo journey for the 2019 Season of the SVRA Speed Tour Series . I hope to be fortunate to capture some great on track action from people enjoying their passion and enjoying life well! The photos are posted in chronological order, so you can follow the progression of the race. A great way to see how you, or your competition, were doing at various points during the race. All photos have been cropped to 8x10, which is a great size to display your car on your desk or wall and are available for purchase online, as well as other sizes. If you choose another size and the crop doesn’t work well, let me know and they can be recropped to the desired size. There are also other mementos that you can order, and if I was lucky enough to capture a large number of photos of your car, you also have the option to have a photo book created, and we will work closely with you on that.I am planning on attending a large number of the events this year, and one thing  we offer is a  photo book chronicling your experiences at those events through the year. If you are interested in that, email me at with a description of your car and car number so I can ensure I get a good selection of your activities.