Welcome to our photo journey for the 2021 Season of the SVRA Speed Tour Series !

We hope  to capture some great action, both on-track and off, with people enjoying their passion and enjoying life well!

The photos are posted in chronological order, so you can follow the progression of the race. A great way to see how you, or your competition, do at various points during the race.

Most photos have been cropped to 8x10 (a great size to display on your desk or wall), and are available for purchase online.  If you choose another size, let us know and they can be re-cropped to the desired size.

Books are available also.  Photos of your car, the venue, and others can be put together for one race, or over many races to chronical your experiences.  This creates a wonderful memento of the race, or season, for you and your crew.  We work closely with you on photo design, photo selection and placement for your book.

We will be attending most events this year which gives you a good selection of views throughout the season. 

If you are interested in books or need re-cropped photos,  email us at robert@darkimagesphoto.com with a description of your car and car number.

Taking event photos is our passion and pleasure … we look forward to meeting you and your crew throughout the season!